Jim and Jan Nelson Photos

Since retiring from a career in education, we have continued our learning with the fun hobby of Photography. In recent years, It has become more of a fun passion.

We live in Gig Harbor, Washington State, one of those rare and breathtakingly beautiful picture postcard kinds of places that just begs to have it's picture taken. From our deck, we look down at the fishing fleet docked in the Harbor just two blocks away - with incredible sunrises as backdrops. A short walk down town provides a wonderful photo viewpoint of Mt. Rainier looming over our picturesque little fishing village, with hundreds of sailboats and yachts at anchor.

Gig Harbor and the Puget Sound area are the natural focus for our pictures, but our other favorite subjects include our cat friend, Sheila, and scenes from our travels in the United States and around the world.

The past few years, we have won a number of awards for our images and there has been an increasing demand for our work. We have provided large-sized prints for many homes and businesses, and photos and cover shots for magazines, newspapers, books, and phone directories. Several tourism and visitorís bureaus feature our scenic works on their web sites and in their ads, and we have been fortunate to win awards in regional photographic shows. More than a dozen local businesses and non-profit groups showcase our images on their Internet sites. The WatersEdge Gallery in Gig Harbor features, frames and sells many of our photographs.

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Please click on the photo of us below to send an E.mail with your questions or comments. We would enjoy hearing from you. If you would like to have copies of any of our images, please let us know. We'll respond by e.mail and be pleased to work out details with you. Our photography is copyrighted and all rights are reserved worldwide - images may not be used without our permission.

Jim and Jan Nelson